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"The world you desire can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it's yours" - Ayn Rand
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jealousy is not a good look on anyone.

but it looks exceptionally hideous on you.

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I made a series of Calming Bunnies (based off of the Calming Manatee meme) for my friend Gab, who isn’t a huge fan of manatees!

We can always use more bunnies, I think.

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The Exorcism of Jonah Hill

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this movie was fucking HILLARIOUS.

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It may seem like a stretch but it’s thoughts like this that catch my troubled head when you’re away when I am missing you to death. 

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V Motion Project: Music Made Through Movement

The Motion Project was a collaboration between a lot of clever creative people working together to create a machine that turns motion into music. The client for the project, Frucor (makers of V energy drink), together with their agency Colenso BBDO, kitted-out a warehouse space for this project to grow in and gathered together a group of talented people from a number of creative fields.

We created and designed the live visual spectacle with a music video being produced from the results. We wanted it to be clear that the technology was real and actually being played live. The interface plays a key role in illustrating the idea of the instrument and we designed it to highlight the audio being controlled by the dancer. Design elements like real time tracking and samples being drawn on as they are played all add to authenticity of the performance. The visuals are all created live and the music video is essentially a real document of the night.

Check out the tech behind the project here:

Thanks to Alex for the find

i have nothing intelligent to add except SO FREAKING COOL

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this makes me feel sassy AND indian. win-win.

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LOL rozzi crane replied to one of my tweets.  i think i’m going to pass out.

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I Can’t Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt (Rozzi Crane Cover) (by rozzicrane)

Good gravy this right here..

i’m dead. 

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ever listen to music so good your only natural reaction is to feel extremely disgusted?

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the choir UGH CHILLS.

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